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Laboratory Power and Communication Design

Laboratory Power distribution deal with laboratory power needed to do full consideration and analysis, note the following: 1. All laboratory instruments required power and the required number of electrical outlets, the layout is reasonable, safe and convenient. 2, electrical sockets are three holes or two holes. 3, the distribution of the local electrical socket, to…

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Basic Design for laboratory ventilation

Wèile shíyàn shì de ānquán, yǒu tiáojiàn de huò jùbèi tiáojiàn de bìxū zhuāngbèi zhōngyāng kōngqì chǔlǐ xìtǒng. Bìmiǎn yīn diànshàn gǔ fēng dǎozhì wéishēngwù shíyàn shì chuánrǎn xìng jíbìng de chuánbò. Tèbié shì wéishēngwù hé shēngwù yīxué shíyàn shì yīng yánjìn shǐyòng diànshàn. Shìdàng tōngfēng bùjǐn qùchú shíyàn shì yǒuhài qìwèi hé dúqì, érqiě…

how to do a good job in laboratory layout design

The layout of the laboratory should consider the following points: Due to the different nature of each laboratory work, unable to establish a unified laboratory universal design. But we should consider two points of principle and flexibility. 1, sample transport and personnel mobility: distribution laboratory areas, should first consider the workflow, transport and transfer of…

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What is the Purpose of laboratory design ?

Laboratory design purpose is to establish a highly efficient, comprehensive and thoughtful laboratory. In the laboratory design, should fully consider the factors that affect laboratory efficiency and safety, such as space, laboratory furniture (bench, fume hoods, anti-static table, etc.), ventilation, lighting and so on. Special laboratory should be national standards for design requirements. Laboratory design…

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Laboratory design should rationalize space

Laboratory experiments should be designed according to required function modules and place equipment. And considering the spatial distribution of rationalization to decide the layout. At the same vision of development should determine the size of the laboratory space. There are many factors that affect the design of laboratory space, such as the size of the…

how to deisgn PCR-laboratory

how to deisgn PCR-laboratory

A PCR-laboratory must be divided into three areas, according to the number of technological operations: Sample preparation area;,Reaction mix preparation area (the clean area);, Detection area.All the three areas must be in isolated rooms equipped with sealed entry chambers. It is also important to have air filters. If there are special cabinets available, the first and the second areas can be merged in which case a separate room must be allocated for performing the amplification reaction

nvertebrate bio-safety laboratory

nvertebrate bio-safety laboratory


Sameas  vertebrates, the animal facility biosafety level of the level determined by the risk of being studied or naturally occurring microorganism, or based on risk assessment to determine. For some arthropods, especially flying insects,

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