Chemical Fume Hood

Chemical Fume Hood, PP Material, Chemical Laboratory Use

Our chemical fume hood is made of good quality A class PP material, good performance in resistance in strong acid . In some strong chemical laboratory, steel fume hood looks like a fragile and no longer safety as it looks. This fume hood can salve this problem perfectly

Product Name : Chemical Fume hood

Window: 5mm  transparent glass

Handle: PP handles.

Lighting: 40W*2 antisepsis daylight lamp, lamp house is insulated with gas. Lightness on table not lower than 400LUX.

Operation panel: lighting switch, ON/OFF switch, two sets of 220V/10A versatile electric socket

Ext. sizes(H*W*D): 1500×800×2350mm

Water Tap: made by brass, treated by epoxy coating outside

Sink:  PP cup sink, laboratory purpose use

Socket:  multi-functional with splash-proof box and safeguard cover.

Length  mm Depth  mm High (mm)
1200 800 2350
1500 800 2350
1800 800 2350


Other OEM size is welcome

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