Stainless Steel Emergency Shower Eye Wash

Emergency Shower Eye Wash, Stainless Steel

Emergency shower eye wash is a safety guarantee facility in laboratory. This emergency shower eye wash can wash both body and eyes. Full stainless steel make sure its long using living in any chemical lab

Product Name:     

Stainless Steel Emergency Shower Eye Wash



304 stainless steel



resistant to chemicals, UV fading and heat



304stainless steel inlet pipe, s/s stay-open ball valve, s/s pull rod and s/s shower head, can add audible alarm device if needed.


Executes Standard:

Made as per CE-DIN12899-UN19608.Required to use G1 pipe to connect drink pipe


Min.Water Pressure:       4Bar


Product feature:

1 .can immediately clear off when one is hurt by acid, causticity, industry solvents or corrosive products accidently.

  1. Product surface acid proof and endure cauterization. Adopt stainless steel pipe and all connects are made in copper to prevent rust inside the pipe.

3.Shower nozzle mantle is 70φ soft rubber protecting cup to prevent second hurt resulted from colliding eye when use the product urgently.

4.Protecting cup is with dust-proof tray, which can prevent dust get into the cup and can be pushed by water at any time when in use. Meanwhile, it can reduce the high water pressure when it is in emergency to avoid hurting the eye. There is the connection between the dust-proof tray and the protection cup to avoid falling down.

Length  mm Depth  mm High (mm)

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