Laboratory Walk In Fume Hood

Laboratory Walkin Fume Hood, Go In Fume Hood

Laboratory walk in fume hood is made of col roll steel. There is no worktop and cabinet inside the fume hood, which allows the laboratory equipment can go in directly, such as chromatographic column can put inside directly

Product Name

Laboratory Walk In Fume Hood



Use high quality1.2mm cold-rolled steel sheet , surface is electro-sprayed by epoxy resin powder electrostatic coating


Inner liner panel.

6mm compact panel, acid and alkali resistance temperature- resistance, anti-moisture


Guide plate

6 mm compact panel, reasonable and knock-down guide structure. Concentrated and effective discharge air, letting off different poisonous gas




6mm thickness steel safe glass, balancing form elevation and subsidence, it can be stopped at any position by pulling.


Handles   Stainless steel handle.




20W*2 antisepsis daylight lamp, lamp house is insulated with gas. Lightness on table is not lower than 400LUX.


Control panel  

Lighting switch, ON/OFF switch, two sets of 220 V / 10 A versatile electric socket, control exhaust fan ON/OFF

Length  mm Depth  mm High (mm)
1200 800 2350
1500 800 2350
1800 800 2350


Other OEM size is welcome

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