laboratory wall table

Laboratory Wall Table With Reagent Shelf

Laboratory wall table can be equipped with reagent shelf to improve its function to island table. It is popular design for small chemical laboratory, which helps to improve working efficiency

Product Name

Laboratory Wall Table With Reagent Shelf


Worktop  Option

12.7mm SPC from rounding chamber R10 MM.



High quality cold-rolled steel, the surface is packetized by acid, electro-sprayed by epoxy resin, color can be chosen from color disc



One door one drawer seating space from 600 mm to 800 mm


Sliding Rail        

3 sections with sound deadening equipment, high bearing capacity ≤35kg.



Open type high quality.75°/90°/105°/175° is available



“D” shape Stainless steel or aluminum material


Reagent Shelf 

Two leveling glass on the laboratory wall table is  8 to 12 glass, size: L*250 *800 mm

Length  mm Depth  mm High (mm)
1500 750 850 to 900
2400 750 850 to 900
3000 750 850 to 900

Other OEM size is welcome

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