metal laboratory cabinet

Metal Laboratory Cabinet For Medicine

This metal laboratory cabinet is made cold roll steel with epoxy coating and design for storage medicine. There are 3 level adjustable layers inside, four doors in total and two of them have glasses. 

Product Name

Metal Laboratory Cabinet For Medicine


body Material

All the cabinet is made of 1.0mm thick high quality cold-rolled steel plate, structural surface after pickling and phosphate, powder electrostatic spraying.



The up door inlaid glass, transparent design, elegant appearance.



Aluminum alloy handle or special PVC handle.



Dedicated high-strength nylon hinge in laboratory has the acid and alkali resistant, corrosion resistant, strong bearing capacity.



stainless steel and nylon combination one foot, with anti-acid, anti-corrosion, anti-slip damping, height adjustable function, adjustable height 30mm-50mm, with dust cover.

Length  mm Depth  mm High (mm)
900 450 1800
1200 450 1800


Other OEM size is welcome

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