Reagent Storage Cabinet

Volatile Reagent Storage Cabinet, PP Material

The volatile reagent storage cabinet is made of PP material by handing plastic welding. It can be use for storage of various kinds of corrosive chemical product such as sulfuric acid,hydrochloric acid,nitric acid,acetic acid and sulfuric sulphonic acid,etc.

Product Name

Volatile Reagent Storage Cabinet , PP Material


Body Material :

Apply porcelain white PP(polypropylene) plate, has excellent anti-corrosive, to ensure the body strong and seal by using same color seamless welding treatment



Apply same material PP board.



Apply 5 mm PVC plate.


Shelf Layer:

Apply porcelain white PP (polypropylene) plane, vertical edges surround, inside part is using one piece welding, never patch with leftover material. The whole part design is removable, which can be put any proper layer, free combinative with all space on each layer. The shelf can be placed both positive or  negative, the vertical edge will have anti -leakage function if place it negative side.



Door handle: Apply injection molding PP material, with good anti-corrosive performance.


Door hinge:

Apply injection molding PP material, with good anti-corrosive performance

Length  mm Depth  mm High (mm)
900 450 1800
1200 450 1800


Other OEM size is welcome

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